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Tactics without strategy are the noises before defeat.
– Sun Tzu
Is your customer segment “everyone”? Is your geographic choice “everywhere”? It’s time you need a strategy in place because a choice to serve everyone, everywhere, is a losing choice. While we understand that constant economic changes and technological advancements force businesses to redefine their objectives and functionalities, adopting new business models is the only solution in certain cases. For the business to derive value and be positioned in the real-time profit-building game, these adoptions are important and they come after strategic brainstorming and planning.
But what exactly is strategy? In a nutshell, strategy is about making specific choices to win in the marketplace unlike what others think it to be a vision or step-by-step plan. To develop a winning strategy, one has to start with a definition of the company’s winning aspiration, then move on to decide where the business can play to win (targetting the right people + locations) and determine how it will win where it is chosen to play. At VidVox, we are backed with years of experience and unrivalled abilities to offer creative solutions with the help of which companies can make meaningful changes in their businesses and achieve profitable growth. With the right expertise, experience, and direction that we offer, the businesses we work for are bound to scale heights. We also help clients make organisational transformations through our strategic planning tools and methodologies along with focusing on cutting costs, digitalisation, and new growth engines. Furthermore, we help clients make explicit choices to compete in the right places with the right products designed for the right customers.
Remember, success is 20% skills and 80% strategy.

Who Can Benefit From Strategy

Strategy is a domain that has the ability to help everyone. Talk about start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, MDs, CEOs, or individuals trying to establish themselves, strategic enhancement is the core of making businesses or ideas work.
Pro-Tip: As Arnold H. Glasgow said – In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are. Strategy is that goalpost you should pay attention to!
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