who we are

Vid+Vox derived from Vidya or vidyā (Sanskrit: विद्या). The Sanskrit word vidya figures prominently in ancient Indian texts pertaining to Indian philosophy —to mean science, learning and knowledge. It refers to valid knowledge which cannot be contradicted and true knowledge which is gained —self intuitively.

Vidya is not mere intellectual knowledge.  The Vedas encourages us to gain deep understanding from all acquired knowledge.  The root is vid (Sanskrit: विद्), means that which always exists, the wise one who knows, the means of knowing and where there is contemplation.

Vox shortened from vocals, after the latin word Vox, that means —a voice.  Derived from these phrases, is our identity Vidvox or ‘the voice of knowledge’.  Vidvox is a management consulting and advisory services firm comprising of a team of dynamic and experienced professionals.

We value integrity and honour commitments with perseverance, excellence combined with constant innovation —acting in best interest of our clients..

Vidya Dadati Vinayam (knowledge imparts humility).  We at Vidvox strive to embody this in all that we do.

Vidvox brings together a network of seasoned professionals from India and overseas across diverse industries to lead the way in disrupting the consulting industry with innovation  for fraction of fees when compared to the Big firms.

our vision

We are a network of alumni’ management consultants. Established in 2019, we launched Vidvox based on feedback from clients who while appreciating our work considered Big firm’ fees to be exorbitant and the delivery of work, poor.

This was a turning point for us —leading to the launch of Vidvox where we strive to reach every business that was looking for able and professional consulting help.

  • We deliver projects for fraction of fees, better quality and results —delivered by consultants with 10-30 years experience
  • Our network of experienced and seasoned consultants across industry —make high-quality consulting affordable for all
  • For consulting partners, we are more than a just a platform or placement firm.  Ours network is 100% relationship based
  • For our clients, our consultants come with a strong global network, years of hands-on experience and practical solutions

Our services are grouped into focused categories:

  • Business planning and business strategy including financial modelling
  • Marketing strategy, sales strategy, e-com, digital audit and strategy
  • India market entry services including regulatory and statutory
  • India product sourcing from supplier research to product evolution

our mission

Businesses today lack the “ability to create value generating innovation and expertise to turn ideas into successful products”. So, it is no longer enough for a consultant to provide the vision, and expect the business to execute it.

“Our mission is delivering Consulting 4.0 for all by offering a range of professional, innovative and cutting edge business solutions delivered by seasoned professionals operating in an Entrepreneurial environment —at a fraction of the cost.”

Our mission is to make Consulting 4.0 reality for all. Clayton M. Christensen, Professor at Harvard Business School, has stated that disruptive changes have hit the consulting industry.

  • Consulting 4.0 describes fundamental changes in consulting, that for long escaped need to respond to disruption
  • Clients are now less dependent on traditional consultants and reluctant to buy services as they were previously
  • Reasons include services delivered by junior consultants, high cost and non tried and tested cut-paste solutions

our values

  • Value add and attractive projects for our member consulting partners
  • Offering experience, knowledge and excellence with innovation for clients
  • Mutual trust between all, with a sense of fairness in honouring commitments
  • Make full use of the strong network, to provide maximum value to clients
  • Conduct with the highest professional behaviour including confidentiality

our founders


Ever wish you were your own boss?  Ever wish work was… less work?  A place where you are your own boss.  The flexibility that comes with it, whether that is working from wherever you want, setting your own working hours, on your own time, from wherever you choose to.

If your answer is yes, please go through our roles or send us your profile on hello@vid-vox.com.  Surround yourself with positive people who give you the confidence and optimism you need. We are engaging India’s top talent in a network disrupting traditional consulting.

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Operations consultant Delhi, NCR, India Sourcing 11/02/2020
Strategy consultant Delhi, NCR, India Strategy 06/02/2020
Risk compliance consultant Delhi, NCR, India India Entry 03/02/2020
Financial advisor Delhi, NCR, India Planning 24/01/2020
how can we help?

Contact us at Vidvox Consulting or walk into our office for a one-on-one discussion or submit a business inquiry online.

I have known and worked with Sankalp from Vidvox for 5 years. He is currently helping us grow our business across Asia. He has an excellent network with a professional outlook that has helped us further our Asia operations.

Ameya Nadkarni
CEO, Drug Ocean Pharmaceuticals

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