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India Entry

India being the world’s second-fastest growing economy with 100% subsidiary over FDI, many companies are coming forward to make investments in India.
– Indian Government
These days, most companies think of expanding their operations at a global level in order to elevate their revenues. For this, India has become a hot investment hub; thanks to the new policies that have resulted in strong opportunities for foreign enterprises to enter the Indian economy.
However, lack of knowledge regarding the country’s complex market structures, taxation establishments, import/export compliance requirements, licensing agreement partners, and contract negotiations among others stand as an obstacle. Not to forget the spot-on assistance in acquisitions or joint ventures that is important but hard to find. This is where VidVox plays a vital role. In a market that is alien to your organization, we guide you through the local system, study the market in your segment, and devise accurate strategies to establish your entity in India by complying with all the mandatory rules and regulations.

We’ll make your journey of expanding across boundaries a lot more smoother and convenient.

Our Approach

We follow a phased approach starting with a deep evaluation of market opportunity followed by creating a strategic proposition for their entry and finally in-house implementation of the recommended strategy to establish a winning India presence.
Market Assessment
This will help you decide if India is the right market for your business as we’ll conduct an analysis and connect with stakeholders (such as potential buyers, distributors, retailers, industry associations, and government bodies) to experience an authentic feel of the market.
Regulatory Affairs
This will help you focus on more important things as we’ll study, analyse, and send across a report of Government Regulations for your market which will cover import duty, taxation, industry regulations (state + centre), and benefits.
Statutory & Compliance
Once you take the decision of entering India, we’ll help you with company formation, regulatory approvals + compliances, transfer pricing, taxing, and contract drafting.
Potential Partners
If you decide to enter India via a partnership (Joint venture, M&A, Distributors), we’ll assist you in choosing the right partner so it’s easier for you to test the waters.
Location Assessment
We’ll help you identify the right location as this is the key to success in manufacturing and detail.

Who Can Benefit From this service?

Companies looking to tap into new sources of revenue, make India its global sourcing hub, reach new customers, or mitigate risk can greatly benefit from this service. Those looking to reduce resources, time employment, and the chances of choosing a wrong vendor, this will be a perfect fit.
Pro-Tip: Giving a structured approach to entering the Indian territory for business expansion is better than entering haphazardly.
The services offered by VidVox aren’t just limited to products as we also provide customised solutions based on your niche, unique goals, opportunities, and budget. For more information, get in touch with us today!.
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Enter India using a tailor-made plan for your organization?