Product Sourcing

Assists global businesses seek cost efficient suppliers for manufacturing or sourcing products in India and involves study of wages and infrastructure benefits.

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Business Planning

An intensive exercise undertaken to articulate an organization’s objectives and strategies to grow its business within a predetermined time-frame.

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Market Research

Helps businesses run more efficiently and effectively by gathering data on companies and then analysing it to understand what that group of people need.

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Competitor Analysis

Are strategic tools used to evaluate competitors, identify their weaknesses and strengths and then analyse that information to improve own company.

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Financial Modelling

Is representation of financial and operational associations used to determine how businesses react in different situations and estimate outcomes of decisions.

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Marketing Strategy

We help lay the foundation for a robust marketing strategy converting business goals into a robust plan with primary research and right product mix.

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Sales Strategy

This division assists with a planned approach to account management, generating leads, identify and qualify prospects and exceed company sales targets.

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Digital Strategy

Taking overall marketing strategy forward, it includes advice on right mix of digital media like search, social, mobile, electronic billboards and digital streaming.

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India Entry

Are set of services that hand-holds a new company enter Indian market and includes barriers to entry planning, cost of sales, regulatory and statutory compliance.

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I have known and worked with Sankalp from Vidvox for 5 years. He is currently helping us grow our business across Asia. He has an excellent network with a professional outlook that has helped us further our Asia operations.

Ameya Nadkarni
CEO, Drug Ocean Pharmaceuticals

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